Sunday, 13 January 2013

On babas n self-proclaimed swamis aka Godmen

At the recent demise of Sathya Sai Baba , there have been many videos about his fake miracles and how he has cheated people n what not. I ain't studied much of religion or it's tenants neither have i had "anubhava" (truth-contact) . However certain questions have to be answered by the followers of these baba's. 1. Yogi's like Sant Dyneshwar , Shankar Maharaj , the more recent Lahiri Mahasaya etc . always entered into a state of Maha-Samadhi before parting off from this physical world. The popularly held notion about samadhi is that the person forcefully holds his breath and casts off his life. Nothing can be farther from the truth. You can verify this by..simply practicing meditation or just watching your own thoughts , the rate of breathing slows down . We begin to discover breath is but an illusion. So extrapolating , samadhi is just a state of conciousness without the need to breathe. The main question being, why aint the self-proclaimed swami's and self-proclaimed avatara's be able to enter that state ? The final step of yoga being samadhi ,these God-men should be able to cast off their physical body with grace. 2. True Yogi's of india do not need a Trust of 1 lac crore or a Maybach/Porsche or a charted jet to spread their beliefs. They had truly realized that this physical world is an illusion . They had transcended Maya and become one with divine. It pains me to see people hailing the new age multi millionaire "Gurus" . Take the classic case of Ram Krishnaparamhansa , a truly divine soul and the Guru of Swami Vivekananda ,i dont think his net assets would have even crossed 1 Lac. (u may read his biography). The only asset he possessed was an undying , unconditional love for God. Isn't everything else looting in the name or religion? Aren't they praying on the innocence of the masses ? (as well of the classes!! ) So the basic question is : Why do today's guru's have properties / trusts worth Millions/Billions of rupees? The answer to this question cannot be justified by saying they are doing good for the people by opening of hospitals etc. (then why remain the sole signing authority of the Trust?) 3. Why do people rush to them? : In india's long cherished tradition there have been , and there continue to be many God-realized souls , however now a day's any1 claims to be one. And such persons are accepted by the unaware , innocent conman-man. Each person however rich, powerful in this world is at his core of heart unhappy,dejected etc. Each one of us has some problems , some major others minor. When we give up on trying to solve them ourselves and seek for a divine intervention , there arises a need for these Swami's. We fail to understand that , most of them are just waiting to pry on our misery. Unfortunately we do not rush to the inner God first . Very very few people are lucky enough to meet a truly self-realized Siddha/Yogi. (He who does not need a Merc to move around in his saffron attire nor a charted plain to move around the world.) Believe more in your self , and never in life would you feel cheated by anyone :) In the end i would just like to say that : If you truly desire a Guru , seek him not for the troubles in your life , not as an escape from your problems , but as an instrument to reach your sole purpose i.e To experience God in all his glory. Hari Om.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Lost Chance At Redemption

(Note : This is a repost of the excat same note I had written on my Facebook's Note Section. This is my first fictional short story. Please be gentle :P . The story is purely fictional. I was however inspired by Pink Floyd's movie "The Wall". The fictional character's name is "Pink") A weariness he never felt before, his feet as heavy of logs of wood ; pink was trying to climb the stairs to his apartment. Never before had he felt so exhausted after ascending the two floors leading to his apartment. His mind was numbed to the external perceptions. He slid his hand into his pocket in order to find the keys. It took him a few moments to realize that the bare metal he felt touching his fingertips were the keys to his apartment. With great effort he opened the door of his dim lit home. It reeked of a stale smell mainly because the windows hadn't been opened in quite some time. He slammed the door behind him , knowing it was the last time he would be doing so. With heavy drags he came near his bed and crashed on it. He lay on his back , staring blankly at the ceiling. Some time later, he poured some whiskey into a glass that was visibly smeared with dust. He took a sip and then a gulp , knowing it was the last time that the sinful liquid would 'grace his lips'. He felt a warmth run down till his stomach. His numbed head slipped into a nostalgic state. He remembered the first time he had met his wife , now his ex. It was during a small gig at a local pub , where there band not as popular as it was in years to come , was playing to an enthusiastic and a tipsy crowd. Pink had never believed in love at first sight , hell he didn't even know what love was. To him it was all a game. While singing and strumming his guitar , his eyes met her's. She looked at him with pure adulation. For a moment pink forgot his lyrics as his heart skipped a few beats. He had however quickly gathered his wits , and sung on. In the bed ,pink shook his heavy head trying to forget all that had happened. His wife of seven years had left him , mostly due to his alcoholism and mistrust. The time he had spoken to her last , a guy had picked up the phone at four in the morning. She screamed at him and told him never to call her back again. Enraged and pained by that memory , pink picked up his Gibson guitar and smashed it onto his floor. He broke one of the instruments that had brought the two close. The pieces of guitar were too few compared to the pieces of his fractured psyche. He couldn't take it any more. To him the only visible option was to bid farewell to this cruel world. He contemplated on how he could do it quickly and with minimum pain. He thought to jump off from the terrace of the 6th floor, he knew however he couldn't drag himself up there and the broken elevator didn't help his cause. He then thought of setting himself ablaze but knew that he had already been charred inside by separation followed by repentance and regret. He then thought of destroying the second instrument that had got the two of them together-his voice. He however neither had a rope nor the confidence in its success. For he knew , his voice didn't come from his vocal cords alone but from his heart. It was at that moment that it struck him. He rushed to his kitchen almost limping to get the knife. He came back and sat on his bed. Even in his worst of times , the thing that had kept him together ,that had given him energy and the zeal to fight was 'hope'. Now there was none. It was all just emptiness. Having found the means to achieve the ends , he slashed his wrists and could feel the blood gushing out of his arteries. In his final moments, his life flashed back into his mind. The companionship of his fellow band mates ,the love of his mother and the betrayal by his wife , all flashed right in front of his eyes , but soon started fading away. It was then he remembered this mother's words "I would always love you Pink"; uttered five years before, when he had an acrimonious parting with his family. Realizing his mistake , he tried to dial 911 from his bed-side phone. the operator picked up , after what seemed generations and asked "911. What is the emergency?" . Pink could utter just two words in his fading consciousness "helppppp meeee!". The phone slid from his hands and dropped onto the floor. He was loosing blood fast. By the time the call was traced back to his apartment and the paramedics were called in , it was too late. Pink lay in eternal rest in a pool of his own. He had lost the chance at redemption. The next thing 'He' saw was his own body lying in a pool of dark red blood. Then realization dawned upon him that hope mad deluded him , despair wouldn't seem to get off his back and the illusion that he alone suffered had destroyed him.He realized that after the darkest moments alone, we will be able to truly appreciate light. Only when we know what is despair can we learn to admire and be thankful for love and happiness. Maybe that's the reason everything is not perfect in everyone's lives. Without contrast , the world would be colourless. He knew that his sin of suicide would be unforgivable. He awaited now for a doom he had brought upon himself.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tracks You Gotta Hear!

At the Start of new year we wish each other auspicious new year and what not. However , after the partying , the boozing life for ever1 comes back to normalcy . For most of the humans its back to routine , boredom ; sometimes disappointments and what not.

To relieve us from the pangs of life , we run to several things such as movies,games,CS 1.6,day-dreaming,wishful thinking and what not.

The only two things that make you forget of the outside world and concentrate on the inside world are : Meditation and Music.

Music primarily has such a powerful effect because according to scriptures , the world (aka universe aka creation) was created using two primary attributes of Light and Sound (the sound of AUM) .

Cutting short the theory , here are some of the classics you shouldn't miss this year :


1. Opeth's : To Bid You Farewell : By far the most painful lyrics i have witnessed in any song. Ideal for those who have lost someone to something,someone or to nothing. Download
Hear it :

opeth - to bid you farewell .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

2. Motherjane's : Broken : Who say's India doesn't have talented rock artists. I daresay there is more talent in them than in the stupid bollywood music director's like Pritam , Kannu Malik whose only art is copying the creation of others :P That being said , broken is an excellent example of how the traditional instruments of India have been beautifully blended with the Guitar riff's of the west.
Some lines of the song , especially : "we all been broken....shattered mute with regrets ...unspoken.." touched my heart the most.


3. Metallica's : Turn The Page : Needless to say its metallica! DOWNLOAD

Also Metallica's : Nothing Else Matters is particularly good for initiates as its not heavy metal and the lyrics are beautifully woven into the soft music.

4. Pink Floyd's : Comfortably Numb : If you havn't listened to this song as of yet and have become 18 years of age ,then seriously you have missed out a lot :-S
A must to all Rock Lovers. DOWNLOAD
Hear it :

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

5.Evanescence's : My Immortal : If you are into Goth , there doesn't exist a possibility that you aint heard of it. In any other case, the lyrics of this song will touch the hearts of even those unfeeling , superficial blokes/bimbos.

Must listen to all those who have / have had , given their heart to someone.
Hear It :

Evanescence - My Immortal .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

6.Cleaning The Apartment from the movie Requiem For A Dream's OST : Plain music , with the power to hit you in the heart. Extremely Painful if you have seen the movie. Even otherwise will take you into a different world. DOWNLOAD
Hear it :

Requiem of a dream - moloko - Requiem for a Dream .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

And many more....
Will Update the list soon..

School Friends and The Bond We Share.

When i meet up people or while casually chatting with friends, its quite a surprise to know that most of them have no contact with their school friends.

The major reason can be..that they just weren't that close or maybe they drifted apart due to distance , their busy lives gave them no time for them,or simply they found "new" friends.

The reason it amuses me is basically bcuz i found my closest n dearest friends during school times and with each passing day we grew closer. This doesn't mean we all gave up on new friends. Each of us has many friend's outside our inner circle. The inner circle grew with people pure to their heart and willing to open up. After all , friendship is all about comfort , sharing and understanding.

We supported each other in times of thick n thin. (mostly thin :P ) The sadness we shared as opposed to the popular phrase brought us closer. The joys no doubt were shared but so was the anguish , agony and the frustrations. Empathy and an almost telepathic connection exist between us and i am thankful to God for that.

When your actions are not judged by your friends, when there is a freedom to say anything and be assured of that it will stay safe ; when the words "i trust you" need not be said , be assured you are in the best relationship ever.
This relationship is deeper than the one between so called "lovers" cuz the second is just based on lust,desire and wants whereas the former is based upon true understanding , empathy , forgiveness and trust.

Love You All Those Who Have Been With Me..
From the times when we used to wear half-chaddi in LEMS ..
and to those whom i met recently ..
for BEING there :)

Way life turns out to be..

Hey friends, i am writing after a really long hiatus , forgive my poor English and incorrect grammar.

So much has changed since i last blogged in 2009, back then it was basically whipping bollywood's ass for some reason or another. Right now i still want to censure bollywood's stupidity for no reason , however i simply lack the inspiration.

Today i will just be putting down my feelings , reflections and things i learned in the four (unproductive) years of engineering. All of us deep down have the single desire to be happy and content. We think being with someone , having something, owning a gadget etc. will make us happy, but does it truly make us happy? I doubt it.

During the past year , my definition of happiness has constantly changed from one set of requirements to another , from one person to another and so on. Every one of us has at some point or another been dejected , disappointed or unhappy simply because of his/her's expectations , desires and wants.

So do we give up all our desires , greed and wants so that we can be forever content? Its a difficult thing to do.....Think over it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Kurbaan : kurbani was required :|

I was so wanting to c dis movie.....
n whn i finally saw was a big let down.

The premise of this movie "LUV" vs "Terrorism"(HATRED). Granted the premise was good.

The flaw was in script. Kareena falls in luv wid saif over not a coffee not a tea..but over a glass of "WATER" . CCD should stop sellin coffee n start sellin mineral water na?

the steamy scenes were like condensed water vapour...full to thanda. The part of terrorist played by saif is unconvincing . The fire , the urge and the brainwashing were not shown anywhere in the film. What propells him to act against also poorly explained.

Ok now starts the unbelievable part where Vivek oberio discovers whoz behind da blowing off da plane which was carrying his GF. (dia) so he dicides to infiltrate the sleeper cell. (oh ya right...sleeper cells are like placement agencies !!)
n so he does. COuldnt he have called up the police or sumthing?

The rest of the movie is more stupid than u can imagine..


RATING : 2.5/5

2012--------the worlds not gonna be still worth a watch

At first i wanted to go for Kurban. Oh Yeah ! believe it or not for the first tym wanted to go for a Hindi FILIM whn der was a better english counterpart available.

But the attractive ticket price of 80 buks inclusive 2 samosas and a coke...was hard to resist. So me n my fnds went to c 2012 : missed 5 mins prior but was hooked on to the movie till its interval.

It starts off with a series of minor quakes in the country where it all happens first---oh yes "USA". The blonds buy the explaination that all is gonna be well.
Then therez a series of murders to keep them from exposing the biggest government secret....

The world starts gettin destructed startin frm Yellowstone National Park (Poor Yogi Bear! --- first to go.. ) the lead actor tries to find whatz the matter behind da strange occurrences in the park and heads a series of wild destructive natural repercussions. The actors responsibility is to keep his family safe whatever the costs may be..

The best part of this film is its special effects,editing and cinematography.
Animating water is da most difficult thing to do...or so i hav heard...n dese guyz hav managed to pull it off...excellently ..Hats off to the team.

Story wise its a lil still wel worth the watch..

Rating 3.5/5